Form inside list item

I want to implement a form inside a <ion-item>. I have a list with several payment methods which is a list with items. Each item is of the type

      <ion-label>payment type</ion-label>
      <ion-radio value="type1"></ion-radio>

When the user clicks on a radio item more info for this type should be shown, e.g form for entering bank account info. My idea was to put a form into the but that did not work. It seems that it is ignored. I was not able to put more info into the <ion-item>.

Any ideas how a can achieve the described behavior?


I code something like that.
the idea is to set a method wich i pass the value into it

        <ion-checkbox [(ngModel)]="type.checked" (ngModelChange)="checkBoxChecked('carde')" disabled="false"></ion-checkbox>

at the ts i had a swich case. depending what i get from the parameters i set a value.

 switch (input) {
      case "card": {
        this.payment = input;

then at the ionic content i make div with ngIf i display the directive component.

  <div *ngIf="payment=='card'">

I hope that help you