Got this error while upgrading to RC.0:

Module /home/git/myapp/node_modules/@angular/common/index.js does not export FORM_DIRECTIVES (imported by /home/git/myapp/node_modules/@angular/forms/esm/src/form_providers.js)

Does anybody know what it means and how to fix it?


It means you have old code that has not kept up with recent changes. Look at changelogs for Angular and Ionic to see what you need to do.

Yeah, I figured that much. I was hoping though for more detailed suggestion how to fix it.
So far I tried uninstall and install again angular/common and angular/forms, but it didn’t help. As a next step I’ll try to re-install all node-modules.
Will appreciate other suggestions.


Figured it out: Removed angular completely, verified package.json to make sure I have all the right versions of everything and run npm install again. It solved the problem.