Form around ion-content and ion-footer gives me a black background


Hi there,

i recently started with my first ionic v2 app. I wanted to create a page with a form that can be submitted with a button located inside an ion-footer element. In order to get the submit button working I put the form tag around the ion-content and the ion-footer. The result is a black background that is misplacing the ion-content.

As far as I know the submit button needs to be inside the form in order for angular to recognise the event.
But in this way it seems that ionic does not allow ion-content to be wrapped by a form tag.

Can anybody help me out and point out why that is the case ?


The default css code below will be removed when you put a form around the content and footer, so the page is turning black.

.ion-page > ion-content {
position: absolute;

You’ll have to give the ion-content tag a position:absolute on the submit page. Something like this:

submit-page {
ion-content {
position: absolute;