Trying to get ion-footer rendering in a component (fixed)

I’ve created a few components that handle form submission functionality. In each of these components, I want the form submit/cancel buttons to be fixed at the bottom of the view, much like the functionality available via <ion-footer. The submit button needs reference to the variables + methods in the component for [disabled] + (tap) functionality, for example [disabled]="!formGroup.valid" (tap)=“submitForm()”

If the component is a child of <ion-content then there is no way to add <ion-footer as it will be contained within <ion-content, instead of below <ion-content. At first glance, having <ion-footer inside <ion-content appears to view properly, but the rendering can be buggy especially in scroll situations. I went as far as setting a force-bottom css class with fixed position/bottom but it looks like the ionic javascript overrides fixed positioning when inside <ion-content, so a pure CSS solution does not seem to be possible.

Any recommendations on how to achieve the desired functionality?