Flickering when keyboard toggled open / close (Android)

When tapping and focusing on a text input element, keyboard expansion/retraction causes the content to “ghost”. The flickering is the content that was originally at the visible bottom of the content area, as if the expansion of the keyboard (or retraction) caused it to be momentarily pushed up, to the height matching the extended keyboard. It would be fantastic if the scroll area did move up/down by keyboard expansion, not flicker and subsequently be covered by it. Tomorrow I will post a vid, I don’t think a codepen/plunkr is necessary, unless this is behavior no one else is experiencing. This is a problem I’m experiencing on my Nexus 5.


I noticed the same behavior on my nexus 7 (Android 4.4, ionic 0.9.25). It works just fine when I run the app in chrome but when I run it as an cordova-app the flickering happens as soon as the keyboard extends/retracts.
I also noticed occasional double clicks.

@ethan: Hello, you found any solution for this issue ?

I also experience this issue in Android Cordova apps along with the keyboard failing to appear even after tapping and focusing on a text input element multiple times.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.


I am also experiencing this issue on a Nexus 5 running 4.4.2 and ionic 1.0.0b1 (latest released version). I have an $ionicPopup with a textarea element, and opening the android keyboard causes the popup to flicker bizarrely. Is there a fix on the roadmap for this kind of keyboard flickering? Thanks!

The same behaviour for input tag

I also experience the same issue about keyboard. When i touch the keyboard at the end of the page, the input doesn’t match with keyboard. Instead, it displays the behind-layout. Please solve ASAP


The dev team is doing a great deal of work on Android keyboard issues right now. You’ll need to standby until the are done.

Has there been any progress on this, and/or anything we can track? I checked the issues in github and don’t see any referencing this problem.

Should an issue be submitted?