Fixed banner ion-content on conference app

Iam using ionic to build an SPA ,which is also the web application.

Iam trying to add to the conference app ,with the tabbar, a fixed banner (on left hand top corner ) ,with company name.

The banner shows for a brief moment,before the tabbar takes over the whole viewport.

Adding ion-content inside ion-app doesnt work either. (same behaviour).

appreciate any suggestions.

I think you are going to have to apply the banner on a per-page/screen level if you want something like that without diving way into the guts of the framework. I would look at having a toolbar within the page’s header element to support what you are after.

Now from a UX point of view, I think it is a waste of pixels have a fixed company banner. You have a very small set of users of this app, and they know why they are using it. I am guessing the marketing department wants it…