Tabs at the bootom for side menu pages

I want to create an app like Ionic Conference App, but I need the tabs to be fixed at the bottom for every page I select from the side menu.
Example: I have 3 tabs at the bottom (Home, List, About) and 4 pages in the side menu (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4)
I am at Home page. I want when I open side menu and I click on Page 2, Page 2 to be open but still to have the tabs at the bottom.
Can someone help me with this. Some tutorial or github example.

Actually, go back and look at the Ionic Conference app. If you change the when trigger for the Split Pane you might have want you need.

You misunderstood my question.

I just ran the Conference app, I click on items in the side menu (split pane) and the tabs remain fixed on the main content and swap out. You might want to sketch out your nav flow to demonstrate the flow you want.

Ok. Here is sketch about what I have and what I want to have.

When you click on page 2 you should change the rootPage of the tabs and put page 2.

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Look at the sample code in the conference app for the Schedule, Speakers, Map or About options in the sidemenu. They do exactly what you asked about.

The Account and Support pages demonstrate switching to a non-tabbed main page.

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Great. I solved it. I added extra tab and every page from side menu I add to that tab. Thanks

How did you solve this? Code or Reference to fils in Conference app please?