Firebase without rollup


is there anyothere way to get firebase working with ionic2 rc0 other than rollup changes?

I made the rollup changes and after doing rollup, things start to break one by one.

my rollup.config.js
plugins: [
include: [
‘node_modules/rxjs/’, // firebase needs rxjs to avoid build errors
’, // here we’re calling firebase.
‘node_modules/angularfire2/**’, // here we’re calling angularfire2.
namedExports: {
‘node_modules/firebase/firebase.js’: [‘initializeApp’, ‘auth’, ‘database’],
‘node_modules/angularfire2/node_modules/firebase/firebase-browser.js’: [‘initializeApp’, ‘auth’, ‘database’]

First was angular2-moment,

Later I added angular2-moment to include array in rollup file, and now its localforage giving error.

can we just use firebase with this method without disturbing other libraries?

Firebase with RC0