Firebase persist login

What I am trying to do is use firebase to authenticate the user (using Email/Password or Facebook).
I found several articles to show how to do this and it works. I am trying save the user credentials in Storage (@ionic/storage) so the next time they use the app it will automatically sign them in. I can save the email and password in Storage but what do I save in Storage to auto login the Facebook user?

Is there a blog or article out there to demonstrate this?

Thank you.

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Hello @cjohnst I am having the same issue, have you found a solution or a workaround ?

If I may ask @cjohnst , how did you get the email and password to save in Ionic Storage? This is something have been stuck on.

Not to be blunt, but this is the most easy part of integrating with a PAAS.
As you may know, Ionic dropped its storage service while letting thousands try it (I was one of them).
And I doubt they will try to do better or otherwise, they couldn’t afford a resale on free plan.

Then, I would STRONGLY suggest you to use local storage as a temporary database, if you don’t have a good PAAS or good own server.

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If you are using firebase correctly, it should store the Login session by itself!

Also, it’s not recommended to store userdatas in localstorage or any Kind of storage like this.