Firebase Auth Persistence - Ionic 3

Hi Experts,

I am using firebase as back end for my Ionic 3 app. For auth, data is being stored in memory and in case user closes and restarts the app, auth data is being picked up from memory and user is able to continue without logging in again and again.

Now issues is, if there is an update from appstore or playstore, auth data gets cleared and after every update user are supposed to provide the credentials to login again. Is there any way to make auth data persistent so even after updated it gets picked up from local storage and user continues without re-authentication. Please suggest best practices around this.

Thanks in advance.

Can someone provide expert advice on above requirement please?

Waiting for inputs…

Any code examples of your project?
It’s very difficult for someone to help without any code examples.
What does your app.component.ts file look like.

Actually if my app updates from playstore then if clears up all the auth data. I wanted a mechanism using which i can make auth data persistent.