Firebase dynamic link plugin on Capacitor

I’ve been using Firebase passwordless email link for authentication for the webapp, now with Capacitor, I’m trying to use the '@ionic-native/firebase-dynamic-links' . When clicking on the link it does open up the app but the sign in event is not triggered. Since I’m using Vue, I included this code on mount:

document.addEventListener('deviceready', () => {
      FirebaseDynamicLinks.onDynamicLink().subscribe((res) => {
          .signInWithEmailLink(email, res.deepLink)
          .then(() => this.$router.push('/'))
          .catch(function(error) {
            console.log('err', error)

my actionCodeSettings option sent with firebase.auth().sendSignInLinkToEmail:

const actionCodeSettings = {
        // URL you want to redirect back to. The domain ( for this
        // URL must be whitelisted in the Firebase Console.
        url: ''
        // This must be true.
        handleCodeInApp: true,
        android: {
          packageName: '',
          installApp: true
        dynamicLinkDomain: ''

I do see the subscribe method when I debug on browser but not with AVD… Have anyone tried using these plugins with Vue or have any idea why the event is not fired? Thanks in advance!