Firebase Crashlytics

Trying to install Firebase Crashlytics into my app.

I have enabled Crashlytics in my firebase console and downloaded the google-services.json and corresponding .plist files

I have installed the plugin as specified in the docs

package.json entry for

"cordova-plugin-firebase-crashlytics": {

I am able to successfully build the debug .apk and release .apk of my app,

However, crashlytics isn’t working I get the following error in the console when trying to debug

Native: tried calling FirebaseCrashlytics.logException, but the FirebaseCrashlytics plugin is not installed.

Anyone managed to get crashlytics working with Ionic?

Project Specs:

Angular CLI: 8.1.3
Node: 10.14.1
OS: darwin x64
Angular: 8.1.3

Cordova: 10.0.0
Ionic: 6.9.1

Android Studio: 4.1.2