Firebase can someone explain?


Hello so lets say i got more then 2500users online how firebase works with this ? Can someone explain me if i can make app that will have lots of people at once or 2500 its the max request per secound or user accounts?


Taken right from the firebase docs…

On average, 1 concurrent connection corresponds to 1,400 monthly visits. This plan gives you 2,500 connections and has no hard caps on usage. If you exceed the number of connections you’ll simply be charged $0.15 for each additional connection.

Firebase is pretty reasonable for handling overages an they won’t shut down your connection.


So if i make app then ill pay for next 1400queries 0.15$?


I think it would be better to ask the firebase support, but I believe that is what they are saying. Again, it would be better ask firebase to be sure.