Firebase app limit getting to 1000

I have seen mentioned that there is actually a 1000 app hard limit to Firebase projects as it is the OAuth 2.0 Client IDs that have a limit of 30 and that these can be deleted if not needed.

I have removed the OAuth Client ID for my app from here My app is a hybrid app (Ionic) and uses firebase auth with email/password via the web app not native one so it appears to work fine.

I am assuming this means I am home free and can add up to 1000 apps if I manually delete the OAuth 2.0 Client ID each time.

I am looking at adding Google and Facebook sign-in on the hybrid mobile apps using the native Capacitor implementation soon would this be something that I would need the native app OAuth 2.0 Client IDs for?
Is this just used for Google Auth?
If so I guess this would restrict me back to 30 apps but I could use the web Google Auth (although the UX is not as good).

I will also be using Firebase Cloud messaging if that is related at all.

I am not familiar with OAuth 2.0 Client IDs so any help is appreciated as I don’t want to go down this route but find a problem later on once my product has gone to market.

Note: I have read the recommendations from Firebase that each tenant / customer / label should have its own project. This is not how I want to implement my platform as the data is shared between tenants as users can belong to multiple tenants. Plus making a project per tenant seems crazy if I have up to 1000 tenants.
Some of the tenants but not all will have their own branded app. Same app with different branding and in different app store accounts. Understand Firebase projects

It appears the limit for apps has now been reduced to 30 also. Firebase FAQ

However you can contact Google Cloud to potentially get this increased.

I am aiming for 100 so will update this answer if I get anymore useful information.