Firebase Build Issue

Has anyone seen a build issue with Firebase and Ionic Package?

If we build our app using ionic cordova build ios it’s absolutely fine, but when we build using ionic package ios ... whenever we install the app it crashes the app immediately

We’re getting this in the device log:

locationd[57] <Notice>: message 'kCLConnectionMessageWatchdog' received from client '/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileWiFi.framework'
[290] <Notice>: [Firebase/Core][I-COR000003] The default Firebase app has not yet been configured. Add [FIRApp configure] to your application initialization. Read more:
[290] <Notice>: [Firebase/Core][I-COR000009] The GOOGLE_APP_ID either in the plist file 'GoogleService-Info.plist' or the one set in the customized options is invalid. If you are using the plist file, use the iOS version of bundle identifier to download the file, and do not manually edit the GOOGLE_APP_ID. You may change your app's bundle identifier to '(null)'. Or you can download a new configuration file that matches your bundle identifier from and replace the current one.
(CoreFoundation)[290] <Notice>: *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'com.firebase.core', reason: 'Configuration fails. It may be caused by an invalid GOOGLE_APP_ID in GoogleService-Info.plist or set in the customized options.'
*** First throw call stack:

So we’ve checked that the firebase Plist is correct (as downloaded by Google), that’s backed up by manual builds through XCODE work fine.

Has anyone come across this? even better has anyone overcome it?


Some news about this issue ?

Do you have a copy of your GoogleService-Info.plist in both your platform folder AND your actual project folder?

And, are you using Firebase messaging? You have to create a firebase-messaging-sw.js in that case.

both of these issues have caused my app to crash on open at one point or another.