Firebase Authentication

firebase auth
Anytime i click signup, what error comes up…

really? no code? should we guess what u wrote?


Here is a good course:

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that “lean how to” sounds simple, but the reality is, implementing the code isn’t the only problem, in my case, login works with signInWithPopup that implements Google & Facebook, BUT, the window opens then closes - due to an error:
This browser is not supported or 3rd party cookies and data may be disabled

Anyone encountered that ?

R u using on browser like pc or in capacitor/cordova?

The latter needs with redirect and some other stuff which I still not master

The first seems fairly easy (with popup) - good description on the google dev site on firebase

I’m using a browser on both PC & Mobile

PC - works
Mobile - fails

Both with “popup” not redirect… but I also tried a redirect code - but it also, login success but window open then close… and user isn’t considered “logged in” because of that cookie thing …