Ionic auth with firebase provider

Having the hardest time getting the latest ionic and firebase/angularfire2 going.

Did anyone successfully get signinWithPopUp or signinWithRedirect working on their app? Still getting a 403 and after following the docs here getting a different error when trying to build for ios.

Error: Cannot find module '../plugman/platforms/ios'

Hey @TJL signinWithPopUp() and signinWithRedirect() won’t work on Cordova apps, the protocol they try to use it https:// but the phone tries to implement file://.

To accomplish social login your best bet is to use the native plugins from Ionic Native.

For Google login:

For Facebook:

Let me know if you need any help :smiley:


Very kind of you to offer up help, its people like you that can make all the diffence. I did end up going with the ionic-native options. Thanks again!

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Thank you for those kind words :blush:

Did the set up work for you with Ionic Native?

Sure did, thanks again!

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