Auth Persistence using Ionic/Vue and Firebase

I’ve written an PWA that uses Ionic/Vue and Firebase. What I’d like is to keep the user logged in even after a browser refresh or the app relaunches if they’ve successfully authenticated once and not logged out. I’ve found this page on Firebase about Auth State Persistence. The code example makes it seem like I need to use firebase.auth.Auth.Persistence.LOCAL but it doesn’t talk much about querying this persistence later. Anyone ever done this before?

@aaronksaunders I know I pester you enough as it is! lol… But I’m getting close to the finish line! Have you ever wrote an app that’ll leave users logged in?

P.S. I should also note that I do want to store additional information for persistence and that I’m using Vuex. Not sure if these things should be considered the same or different. - This is a complete working example that handles login, and saving user login state and it uses vuex.

The check at startup is in main.js

i will send you my $cashApp you can buy me a beer :beer:

By all means, send it over! :wink: You’ve been really helpful as you’re one of the only people with code examples of Ionic and Vue working together! I wish it were more mainstream!

@aaronksaunders That worked perfect, thank you sir. Now how do I persist other stuff in the state? Would love to be able to “offline” some things or just have them cached as long as the user is logged in.