Firebase App Check for Ionic apps

Firebase now offers App Check to make sure DB requests are coming from the right source (in addition to having good Firestore rules). Since we’re not creating native apps here, we need some sort of web variant I assume? Has anyone done this yet?


I would also like to know if someone has implemented this

working nicely - you just need to follow the documentation and add the recaptcha stuff which actually does not even disrupt your UI (not visible)


Thanks for the reply. I implemented as per the documentation. It works perfectly for the webapp as I can see verified requests in firebase console. But on android and iOS app, it is not working. Could you confirm that it is working for native apps for you. Thanks for your time again.

Not tried in any native app.

The web api only is intended for web apps- you know that right?

That’s right. Firebase also provides App check through Safety net and app attest for the android and iOS apps. I am looking for a way to use those features. I did not find a way to use these features.

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I found that a capacitor community plugin for Firebase App Check has already been proposed. Firebase AppCheck · Issue #133 · capacitor-community/proposals · GitHub
Also, there is a custom plugin available but it does not work with Capacitor 4 in my project.
GitHub - mattmilan-dev/capacitor-firebase-appcheck: Integrates native AppCheck functionality with CapacitorJS Hybrid Applications
Checked with Firebase support but they could not help and recommended checking with Ionic support. I don’t have an enterprise account. If someone was able to connect with Ionic on this, kindly share.