Unable to add firebase support for Ionic4 and Angular fire

I have started project using Ionic4 and AngularFire2 (Angular and Firebase). I am having all the latest dependencies.

Everything works fine if I am running things in web. But as soon as I try same thing in mobile (using capacitor and cordova) it is not working.

I tried to follow this article , now it is running, not working and no error is coming. Again I have tried with both options.

Here are two question 1. Should I go native route (like ionic/native plugins) and try to use firebase auth 2. Is there any latest documentation or working example of the same? I tried to find out but couldn’t found one.

Article is using something called universal-links-plugin and that project is archived so can’t ask question there.

It would be great if help someone can point me into direction, for using Angular + Firebase + Ionic4 + mobile (capacitor is possible else cordova).

Please let me know if any further details are required.