Filling a specific datetime blanks out the options of ion-select on iOS


I have a start date and an expiry date. When I enter the expiry date, and submit the form, UI that is dependent on dynamic data gets disturbed. Noticeably, the checkbox options do not appear.

            <ion-col class="col-mod-r">
                <ion-item class="label">
                    <ion-label>End Date / Time</ion-label>
                    <ion-datetime displayFormat="DD/MMM/YYYY h:mm A" [min]="myDate" [max]="myMaxDate" pickerFormat="DD/MMM/YYYY h mm A" formControlName="expiry_date"></ion-datetime>

myDate and myMaxDate are set in typescript (and converted to string by toISOString() ).

The same thing works perfect in Android. Any pointers?