Ion-select with Date-Options - Default-Option is empty

Hi there,

i have the following code snippet:


<ion-select (ionChange)="log($event)" *ngIf="possibleEndDates.length" style="padding-left: 0px;" [(ngModel)]="tempTransaction?.parentTransaction.dueDateTo" name="dueDateTo">
                  <ion-option *ngFor="let date of possibleEndDates; let i=index" [value]="date">{{date | date:'longDate'}}</ion-option>

and now i want that the value in the tempTransaction?.parentTransaction.dueDateTo (which is definatelly set in constructor) to be de default option in my select.

the type of the property is date and the result is that after loading the select is empty. if i select a value manually then it is set correctly like it should.

i hope i gave you all information you need.

Thanks for help!

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What happens if you make it a string instead?