Few questions about ionic 4


I’m new to Ionic and wanted to ask several things:

  1. Is there a way to use this component in Ionic? https://github.com/sujithkanna/SmileyRating
    If not, is there a similar component in Ionic?

  2. I have a thermometer component. The name suggests its features and purpose, is there something similar in Ionic?

  3. Can I develop once in Ionic and use the app for both mobile and web? Do I need a special hosting to run ionic as a web application?

  4. I’m using VSCode. Are there any special addons I should download before starting to develop in Ionic?

  5. Can I use Ionic with Firebase/FireStore/Authentication?


Hi @IAmos,

  1. No, you can’t inline native Android components inside an app built with Ionic, because your app runs inside a webview. You can use native views on top of the webview, just not inlined. But I’m sure you can find a similar Angular component or build it yourself.

  2. Is this a UI component or a native component? If it’s UI, you can try to find an Angular/Ionic component that fits your needs or build one yourself. If it’s a native functionality, you can write a custom native plugin for Cordova or Capacitor, depending of which one you choose (may be easier in Capacitor).

  3. Yes! That’s actually of the biggest strengths of Ionic, being able to have a single codebase for iOS, Android and web. You don’t need anything special to host the app, any web server capable of serving static files will do. You can also use services like Firebase Hosting, Netlify, GitHub Pages, etc.

  4. I recommend the Angular Language Service extension for VS Code. It provides autocompletion inside Angular templates.

  5. Of course! Ionic and Firebase are frequently used together. Jorge Vergara has a great free course and tutorials.


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Thank you very much!

1/2. I’m VERY new to Ionic so some of your words were Chinese to me :slight_smile: I did a simple “ionic smiley rating” and “ionic thermometer” but couldn’t find any equivalent components, just the regular star rating. Is there an Ionic components pool I can search in?

3a. I wonder how a mobile app will work as web application. For example, I use a phone auth with Firebase and send a verification SMS to the mobile. How will that work as a web app? There is no phone to send SMS to :slight_smile:

3b. I use bluehost as my hosting, can I just copy the files there and that’s it?

  1. Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much for this tip! Looks promising!

  3. With android, I can simply make an APK and install it on an Android. How things are when it comes to iOS? Making it actually work on an iPhone, will require some more logistics?