Can ionic run directly from being loaded from a website?

I understand ionic provides platform native functionality for HTML5 applications but would like to know if it can be loaded directly from a website to execute? There’s so much richness in ionic but we won’t have the time to get our application into the apple store in time for our event.

If not, any recommended alternatives/shortcuts/etc. would be appreciated.

Hey @jfinnigan, it absolutely can. The reason we don’t bill it as a mobile web app framework is more because we don’t have support for all the different mobile browsers out there, and by making the framework work the same in the mobile browser and the native web view, we would have to make concessions to deal with all the strange stuff the mobile browsers add (like the side swiping to switch tabs which makes it hard for us to do our side menu stuff).

However, if you are targeting iOS and recent Android’s, it will work very well.

Does that help?

Thanks Max! That’s great news and a sigh of relief.

Where might I find some examples on how to set things up or is it obvious and I’m not getting the point? :wink:

Anybody have a examples around using firebase as the backend?

Five minutes with them and five minutes with iconic…what a duo!

Here is a git repo with the ionic guide + a firebase backend. I just smashed it together so the code is not so great but it is a starting point =). You can add and remove projects and tasks. I would follow the guide ionic provides and then look at this code after. Oh yeah make sure to have a projects object and a Users object under your firebase root. I just manually entered /Users/Tim via the firebase forge

make sure to place your firebase link in the two references I have in app.js

Thanks @timcash

Can the directory structure you’ve created be put into my webserver and be served up to any iconic compliant browser? Are there cross domain issues with firebase and, if so, how to solve that?

I am able to serve the www directory yes. Firebase takes care of the cross domain stuff for you =). Keep in mind this code was just what I smashed together in a few minutes to see if I could get firebase working with ionic.

Super! Much appreciated!

Hey @timcash, that looks awesome. I couldn’t tell from the commits if it was ready to be used (something about the pushDown error which I just fixed in the most recent release).

Let me know if you’d be up for us tweeting this, it looks really cool!

Yeah I am still working on a few problems at the moment but I would love to show it off in a couple weeks =)

Hey @jfinnigan, @max I am also try to implement some thing like this, I have already developed an Android & iOS mobile app using IONIC, now I just wants to figure out, how i can convert or use my IONIC code to develop similar web app. I am using Spring web services in my app. Please help me…