Feature request - swipe to delete / remove


I’m aware that you can swipe an ion-item to bring up a menu of things like edit / share.
However, it would be great if you could simply swipe an item to get rid of it - much as gmail does to archive an email.
I was wondering if you had any plans to add this - it seems to be becoming a pretty common UI paradigm and having it in Ionic would be an awesome addition.
Many thanks,


You can simply use hammer directive like on-swipe-left="" to fire function that will delete current item.


Thanks - I tried this some time ago and it didn’t feel quite right. With Gmail you see the item start to move as you start to swipe. And if you only swipe a bit then it animates back to where it came from. Whereas if you swipe beyond half way or so then it continues to move and is removed. I’m guessing there’s a reasonable amount of work to get this to feel “native-like”. But I could be missing something.