Deleting an item after swipe to delete?


Are there any Ionic recipes for deleting an item in a list view? I’d like to remove the item from my bound Angular model (which is easy enough to do with its ng-repeat $index), then animate the row to slide up like when you delete an email in the iOS default Mail app.

Also, is there a way to close a swiped list item? I’d like to be able to “close” the opened swiped rows whenever another item is swiped (again, like iOS default apps do natively).


You just need to write a handler that will remove an item from the object which you used in ng-repeat. The thing is, ng-repeat provides certain animations on events like resorting of deleting an item. You can find its description in Angular docs: (section “Animations”)


You can use angular-hammer which provides swipe, pinch and other very interesting functionality.