Feature Request: Cache node modules (like Heroku)

Every time I do a new build it installs all the modules (we use yarn and monorepo setup) from scratch which can take a while for a big project. Would be nice to have ability to toggle caching of node_modules from previous build, similar to how Heroku does it

I use following command in appflow.config.json "dependencyInstallCommand": "cd ../.. && yarn install",

Hey :blush: I think this is the wrong place to submit feature requests.

AppFlow is a paid Feature, isn’t it? As far as i know you get pay Email support within so i would contact them in the first step.

I have so many feature requests in mind so I didn’t want to flood them with all of them at the same time :smiley: So I decided to spread all the requests across the different channels :slight_smile: but thanks I might email them if this will get unnoticed