FCM plugin problems - suggestion - please deprecate one of the plugin

Hi There,

The google api-s are changing so rapidly that i would suggest to wrap up them with the minimum.
The phonegap-plugin-push and the cordova-plugin-fcm is a right scenario in this case, how to waste time using that kind of wrappers.

phonegap-plugin-push plugin supports browser - firefox/chrome/opera, android and ios:
I was able to make it with firefox working, but with chrome not at all. I looked at the plugin, and realized i cannot add any additional header, my server requires CSRF as standard for each call, so i have extended the interface only in ionic native, and it did work. But i have realized later on that on chrome is not working, it’s passing me GCM endpoint back, which was deprecated from 2016.

There is an other plugin called cordova-plugin-fcm, which is working on android and ios, but not on browser.

FCM itself supports even chrome, and firefox - so android.

I’m not sure that there is a valid reason to hold these two plugin, i think one needs to be deprecated, and just efforts needs to be moved to make one working.

It’t not the first time, that i try to use happily one plugin, and at the end, i just made a learning curve how to do my own implementations on client and on server side using the google examples. (definitely i don’t want to make everything for android and for ios, what i have done on browser)

I might evaluate the FCM plugin to include my browser related changes, but i think quality does matter, and many times ionic native plugins does not hit any standard when we are trying to use them in real world. I think some rating system needs to be introduced on plugins to make this forum less busy.

Google is going rapidly, i think in the google case, we need to focus, how we can copy google example implementation to a folder, and inject with our own wrapper, instead of doing some sort of hackings, workaround and so on.

totally agree.
why fcm isn’t supported in browser?
firebase official docs says it can…