FCM: notification not received if app is killed [Android]

Hi all!

I’ve integrated the https://github.com/fechanique/cordova-plugin-fcm plugin for receiving push notifications.
All seems to work good when the app is in foreground/background but no notification comes when the app is killed.

I’ve opened this issue https://github.com/fechanique/cordova-plugin-fcm/issues/371 discovering that also other guys have the same problem.

I’ve tested on my oneplus 3 and the behaviour is as described.
Notifications arrives also when app is killed on Huawei P8 lite 2017.

The questions are: is this a common issue?
Have you got push notifications also on killed app?
Are you using some other plugins?


Some help here guys?

Any news?

I have the same issue with oneSignal and FCM using Asus ZenFone 3.
I have read that on some Posts that is related with the ROM but in my case im using the oficial Asus software so no clue at all.

Even now, I’m facing same problem. Anybody found solution for this ?

I also have same issue. how to solve this.

Hi, It’s been a long back I had faced this issue. The root cause of this issue is some Chinese mobile manufacturers have customised Android OS and they will not allow debug app to run in background to receive the notifications. But when the app is downloaded from the store, there will not be any problem in receiving the notifications.
So do a beta release in Android and Test Flight in iOS to confirm this. It had solved my problem. All the best.

Oh, Thankyou soo much. actually am struggling for this.

Just I need to use fcm plugin for push notification, in fcm.onNotification will fire automatically if app was killed also. Is my guess is correct?

No, when app is in the killed state, you cannot trigger onNotification with the help of this plugin. You need either modify the native code of the plugin for Android to do it. In iOS you need use VOIP notifications.