FCM and Native GoogleMaps Conflict

I have started learning with tutorial and It is very helpful but now I am in stuck one of my test project which includes push notification and google map. Is there any solution to solve FCM and Native GoogleMaps Conflict?

I did a lot of search but could not found any proper solution so please help me to resolve such type conflicts.

Push notification also conflicting with location accuracy. both have version conflict issue but I am using recommend plugin version.


I was getting conflict issue with FCM and GoogleMaps. To fix this issue the steps I followed the below mentioned steps but could not resolve it, Please help me out. My project is getting to much delay.
Step 1. I Installed the cordova plugin add cordova-android-firebase-gradle-release --variable FIREBASE_VERSION=10.+
Step 2. ionic cordova platform remove android.
Step 3. ionic cordova platform add android.
Step 4. ionic cordova build android.
And now getting new error. Please have a look and please get me any solution kind of issues. Also I have attached screenshots of issue I am getting