Factory http promise returns blank

I’m using a service to return a promise for my data. Works fine in the browser but not in the simulator. Any ideas why?

Service Function:

var pets = [];
var pets_q = $q.defer();

return {
    all: function() {
        if (pets.length == 0) {
            return $http.get('api/get_pets.php').then(function(response) {
                pets = response.data;
                return response.data;
        return pets_q.promise;


PetService.all().then(function(pets) {
    $scope.pets = pets;
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Gah, figured it out. Had to do with an .htaccess on my web server. Very new to the the hybrid app world.

Also keep in mind that on iOS you have a whitelist on config.xml. It has to be configured to allow all (not good) or be locked down to specific domains.

Example :

<access origin="" />

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll get that setup.

I made the same, but I’ve an error when put data into the scope. I read template from file.
Error on parent null.

same problem I can not find out any problem
origin=“” is it permission for all file