Facebook share issue

shareViaFacebook(message, image, url) - this method not sharing image without th facebook app.
Is this method don;t support webview?

I think if you mentioned image path into URL means into meta data of url then share automatically take image from url.

i didn’t get it and thanks for the reply

can you explain ? Becaz am new to ionic

Can you place a sample code what you are actually said?

See when you share a url for facebook. You need to define some meta tag read by facebook. Means when you share url facebook bot read image , description from share url . If requied meta is defined into url then facebook show those information into feeds. These tags start with og.

I am using ionic-native/facebook plugin. And there is a method call shareViaFacebook().
IF there is no facebook app in mobile, the sharing will not work. I need to know that without fb app the method work or not?