Facebook Deep Linking and Ionic

First would like to thank you guys behind this great framework, i have managed to build hybrid app and my boss kinda happy with the progress :smile:

So I have managed to call my Ionic App with safari and chrome by calling ‘app/::’ on my Ipad. This can be happened by following tutorial from Facebook Ios developer : https://developers.facebook.com/quickstarts/{fb-app-id}/?platform=ios.

The question is : how can i make ‘app://products/product’ with the original ionic is ‘#/tab/products/product’ to be called ? or can accomplish this. Sorry for the (stupid) question. I was doing this to make my page can be shared with the facebook non prefilled policy

Thanks guys… any help will be appreciated

Finally for deep linking on Ionic Platform i got this to read and make further improvements including the use of Facebook API for my deeper purpose


as this image show

hopefully can help you guys too :slight_smile: