Facebook app invite not working on ios

I am using Facebook native in my app, although i am able to use Facebook login feature and also the Facebook share dialogue in both ios and android but somehow app Invite is not working for ios, its working fine in android but for ios it just jump into the catch block of promise returned.

I’m facing this problem too, is anyone have the answer

let me know if you find any fix, for now I am using Facebook share dialog box to share the app store link .

url: “https://fb.me/1932426333708933”,
picture: “http://example.com/image.png

this is my working code, need to use app link

and must use { url: “”, picture: “” }) object

Here is what my code looks like, still not working.

  let options={url:URL,picture:imageUrl}
      console.log('error while inviting people',error);
        console.log('user discarded  fb app invite card');
       //do some action here

maybe try not to call promise

Ok Thanks, will give it a try.

Im getting error on that , "cannot open dialog "

I think Facebook App invites are deprecated. Maybe that’s the reason it doesn’t work…