Extremely confused between ionic 2/ionic 2 native, ionic 3 and ionic 3 native

I have an app that is done with ionic 2 and ionic and i am trying to create a new app in ionic 3 and native 3.0 beta 5.

The way I understand it is that with ionic 2 NATIVE a lot of plugins came just by the fact we were using ionic 2.0 native (or is it ionic 2?).

With 3 i assume everything has to be specified on which plugins we would like to use, yes?

For example I had the following in my app v2

import { Storage } from ‘@ionic/storage’;

what plugin do i add for this same functionality to work? is it ionic native storage? is it secure storage plugin?

Is there a easy to understand document that says if ur going from native 2 to native 3, here is what you have to do? the blog about native 3 beta being released is not clear at all.

My first step is to move bit by bit of my app to native 3 and ionic 3, i choose not to do the “upgrade” because i wanted to make sure i understand whats happening and practice doing so.

All described in the docs.

The difference between ionic native 2 and 3, is that in 2 the typing declarations for ‘all’ plugins typings are bundled together and are accessed with static methods,
With ionic native 3 you add only the typings you need, and they are initialized with angular2 dependency injection.
You can also ‘mock’ plugins to work with testing in the browser

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