Extra space between status bar and app on pre ios11 apps

In doing a search I found similar requests. Seem like everything should be working in the latest.
I am not using WKWebview, I couldn’t not get the Cors stuff working. (Worked for the first request but not the second).

Iphone 7 with ios 10

I darkened the border so the space would be noticable.
In debugging the code

<ion-nave bar class="toolbar toolbar-ios statusbar-padding"> 
has padding-top:cal(20px +4px);

If I took that out it would look fine.

This is only on pre iOS 11 iphones.

On the Iphone 8 with ios 11 things look fine.

I know there was some other plugin for ios11 status bar. Wasn’t sure if that would fix this problem.

Also when I run this in the emulator for an iphone 5 it doesn’t show up. (not sure which ios version they are using)