Execution failed for task ':app:mergeDebugResources'. In Ionic3, using Cordova

Hi, I try to upgrade SDK from SDK30 to SDK31 but this error come out when i try to build the project. This is result when i run command ‘ionic cordova build android --prod --release – – --packageType=bundle’. Actually I

this is my ionic info:

Can someone help me, i still cannot find the solution. Thank you in advance. I need to upload this apps to google play as soon as possible. I really need your help.

instead of using SDK 31 with cordova-android 10, upgrade to cordova-android 11 which has SDK 32 support

using a SDK different from the officially supported by capacitor-android can lead to this kind of issues

Alright, Thank You

I got another error…but i dont how to upgrade it

You have to open Android Studio, go to SDK Manager, and then in SDK Tools tab, download build tools 32

Thankyou, I just try it, but it still got same error

This is what i do…I download build tools 32 in android studio…then i run ‘ionic cordova build’ in my ionic project

it still have same error

Is i am missing some step?

you might need to restart the computer so the computer see the changes, and/or uninstall SDK tools 31.0.0 so the computer doesn’t try to use that version

Alright thankyouu

but i have another error. Based on this error it said i need to change the minsdk but already changed to the minsdk21. I still got this error. Do you know what should i do?

both cordova-android 10 and 11 use minSDK 22, so if your app is using 19, you might have some plugin installed that sets the minSdkVersion to 19, you’ll have to find it and modify it to use 22

Do you know how to check wether the plugin is compatible or not with our target sdk?

You’ll have to check the plugin.xml file of all plugins and see which one is adding the minSDK 19