Cant build android after upgrading cordova

After upgrading cordova to 5.3.3 I can no longer build any projects. Neighter old or new ones.
This is the error I get after running ionic build android, Ive tried remove/add platform.

What does this error even say?!
Everything worked before I upgraded.


EDIT: I also installed android-sdk 22, all android sdk-tools, android support repository, android support library

As usual the problem is solved within 30min after adding a forum post, even though it took 5h to find it…

I needed to update jdk. Was running 1.6.0, upgraded to 1.8.0. Dont forget to update your PATH after installing the new jdk.

I would add: don’t update many components of your environment at same time :wink:
Do it one by one and test after each update before next one.