Event problem

ionViewDidEnter() {
.then((data) => {
this.descontoavista = data.LIMITE_DSCTO_VISTA;
this.descontoaprazo = data.LIMITE_DSCTO_PRAZO;
I need to run this code every time I enter the page but the event is not working. If I leave the page and come back again it does not work anymore

ionViewDidEnter fires when a page is enter, but it won’t fire if you came back from a previous push page.
I think you can use ionViewWillEnter to this purpose, it will fire every time your view going to be enter, even if you go back from a previous push page

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ionViewWillEnter not work…

I test it, and ionViewWillEnter event fires for me, can you explain more the steps you do?

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