Event on controller ready?


Hello all,
i have the some page, lets call in page B,
and page A that contains button that links to page B.

page B contains several intervals that been started, also few functions that bring the data from the web API.
it takes few seconds to bring the data (Dev server), even that $http should be asynchronous,
after clicking the button on page A, it stuck, it waits and when it navigates to page B, all the data already there.
what is going on? i want it to navigate immediately, and show the $ionicLoading until the data been downloaded, and not wait, what seems like “stuck” on page A.
maybe there is some event when the controller appeared?

Ionic is awesome, thanks a lot!


Can you post some code?


Are you using ion-nav-view and loading your async data via resolve? IIRC that will block the transition until the promises in the resolve are complete. Maybe this helps?