Error while displaying images using image picker [RESOLVED]

Good morning, everyone, I apologize for my poor English.

I have the problem with the attached image when trying to view the captured images from the phone gallery using the imagePicker plugin.

I can get the path and the file as they are, but when I try to display it it does not display and these two errors appear, I believe that may be why it does not appear, but I have never worked with this plugin before.

Someone to help, or give some tips?

  getPhoto() {
    let options = {
      maximumImagesCount: 3
    this.imagePicker.getPictures(options).then((results) => {
      for (var i = 0; i < results.length; i++) {
          this.fileToUpload = results[i]; // captures each image and mounts the array
          this.base64.encodeFile(results[i]).then((base64File: string) => {
            this.imgPath = base64File; //imgPath a string that receives the file encoded in base64
            console.log('FILE : ' +this.fileToUpload);
            console.log('PATH : ' +this.imgPath);
          }, (err) => {
            console.log('ERRO' +err);
    }, (err) => { });



Solved the problem, I found here in this link the solution.

It looks like a problem with the webview plugin version.