Can't display local images Android [ionic2]

Typescript code:

ImagePicker.getPictures({ quality: 100, maximumImagesCount: 1}).then(results =>
  this.image = results[0];

<p>Image selected: {{ image }}</p> <img [src]="image" style="background: red; min-width: 10px; min-height: 10px;">

After i choose my photo page looks like this: ( there’s no photo :frowning: )

Am I doing it the right way?

are you putting your images in the assets folder? (what version of Ionic are you using?)

No I’m not putting images in the assets folder, photos needs to be loaded dynamically by ImagePicker from ionic-native.
How can I check version of ionic2?

Sorry - I misread your question and didn’t realise you were picking images.

BTW the version of Ionic that your project depends on will be in your package.json file.

Thank you :slight_smile: I solved problem by using File.readAsDataURL from ionic-native, I simply replaced previous typescript code (from first post) with:

ImagePicker.getPictures({ quality: 100, maximumImagesCount: 1}).then(results =>
File.readAsDataURL(results[0]).then(value => this.image = value, reason => this.failInfo = "Fail: " + reason);

I currently facing the same issue. The way you’ve used readAsDataURL doesn’t match the definition in Ionic2 doc.

readAsDataURL(path, file)
Read file and return data as a base64 encoded data url. A data url is of the form: data:[][;base64].

So my question is, what is the path, the file? I try to pass one parameters, but it doesnt work.