Error when I want to generate app bundle with Android Studio : need to update Gradle

Hi everyone !

I need your help. I’m trying to publish my app in the Android App Bundle format.
I tried to do it with Android Studio. I opened my project (the folder platforms / android) and then I made Build -> generate signed bundle / APK -> Android App Bundle.
When I do that, Android Studio says to me:

Building Android App Bundles requires you to update to the latest version of the Android Gradle Plugin. Learn More
App bundles allow you to support multiple device configurations from a single build artifact. App stores that support the bundle format use it to build and sign your APKs for you, and serve those APKs to users as needed.

Yet I am up to date, and when I do Update, nothing happens … (since I suppose Gradle is up to date)

So I am blocked and I can not generate my Android App Bundle.

Someone can help me ?

Thank you !

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can you put the screenshot in your error and Gradle

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when I click on “update”, nothing happens

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I’m having the same problem, do you fixed?

Do you solved? I’m stuck in the same problem.