Error using Ionic mobile app sourcemap within sentry

I’m working on gettings sourcemap working in sentry.
My Env:
Win 10 Pro
Ionic v3.20.0

Current Situation
I can get bugs reported to sentry.
I can get sourcemap uploaded.
But exception stack dosen’t link with sourcemap.

As the pic above showed, the exception stack is shown to link to “app:///*****” urls.

I tried to upload the source map with --url-prefix set to “/”. It doesn’t work.
I tried to set --url-prefix to “app://”, but sentry-cli strips out the “//” making all my sourcefile using “app:/***” which is also not working. (shown in the attachment below)

Using --url-prefix “app://~” can result in sourcefile using “app://~/” as the url, but it’s not where exception is looking for.

Can someone provide a hint or a solution?
I suspect that it will work if I somehow manage to set --url-prefix to “app://”.

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Had the same problem, tried to relaunch the sourcemap upload without any url prefix, causing this to setting a default “~” url prefix and it worked for me