Appflow + Sentry + source-maps

I’m using Appflow (and have to say I love it). Our app uses Sentry for error tracking/logging and the one thing I am not doing with Sentry since we moved to Appflow is source-mapping. Is it easy to automate the uploading of source-maps to Sentry when you do an Appflow build? I have no clue where to start so if anyone is doing this and could offer help I’d appreciate it!

If you mostly care about the exceptions in your web-app just use @sentry/browser within your app.

You can configure the sentry webpack plugin to handle an upload. You’d typically run this immediately after your web build so it can just get tacked onto the build script in package.json. If you want this to happen exclusively in Appflow you can use appflow:build in package.json. Here are the docs on managing an upload.

In most hybrid apps using the browser implementation is the best choice.

If you’d like to capture native level exceptions with Capacitor then you can follow the iOS and Android native guides from Sentry and add those products to your Xcode and Android Studio projects without a need for a plugin.

There’s an official plugin for Cordova projects but it’s still in beta.

Thanks for that Brian. So at the moment we are using the Sentry Cordova plugin (0.17.0). I was looking at upgrading that to Sentry’s RC release here but from what you are saying we may be better off using sentry/browser? We’ve never used that as I assumed the cordova plugin would be better (our app uses a few cordova plugins and several Capacitor plugins)

I will say that you could adapt what I did in the sentry webinar

The demos use make, but could easily converted to npm scripts.

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@mhartington I see your React version, and Sentry’s Angular version, anyone done a Vue version?