Error updating Ionic lib

$ ionic lib update
bower ionic#1.0.0-rc.2          cached git://
bower ionic#1.0.0-rc.2        validate 1.0.0-rc.2 against git://
bower angular#1.3.13            cached git://
bower angular#1.3.13          validate 1.3.13 against git://
bower angular-animate#1.3.13    cached git://
bower angular-animate#1.3.13  validate 1.3.13 against git://
bower angular-sanitize#1.3.13   cached git://
bower angular-sanitize#1.3.13 validate 1.3.13 against git://
bower angular#>=1.0.0 <1.5.0    cached git://
bower angular#>=1.0.0 <1.5.0  validate 1.3.15 against git://>=1.0.0 <1.5.0
bower angular#>=1.0.8           cached git://
bower angular#>=1.0.8         validate 1.3.15 against git://>=1.0.8
bower angular#>0.9.0            cached git://
bower angular#>0.9.0          validate 1.3.15 against git://>0.9.0
bower angular#^1.2              cached git://
bower angular#^1.2            validate 1.3.15 against git://^1.2
bower angular#>= 1.2.23         cached git://
bower angular#>= 1.2.23       validate 1.3.15 against git://>= 1.2.23
bower angular#>= 1.0.8          cached git://
bower angular#>= 1.0.8        validate 1.3.15 against git://>= 1.0.8
bower angular#1.3.6             cached git://
bower angular#1.3.6           validate 1.3.6 against git://
bower angular#1.2.28            cached git://
bower angular#1.2.28          validate 1.2.28 against git://
bower angular#~1.2              cached git://
bower angular#~1.2            validate 1.2.28 against git://
bower                        ECONFLICT Unable to find suitable version for angular-animate

I think the missing angular-animate is causing problems for my builds.

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Did you solve this? Or anyone else?

Hey sorry to poke this old thread but in case anybody has an issue like this, for me the solution was to manually run bower to resolve the issue, then rerun ionic lib update like so:

$ bower install angular-animate 
Unable to find a suitable version for angular-animate, please choose one:
    1) angular-animate#1.4.3 which resolved to 1.4.3 and is required by ionic#1.2.0
    2) angular-animate#~1.4.8 which resolved to 1.4.8

Prefix the choice with ! to persist it to bower.json

? Answer !1

The last step is important: prefix the desired version by an exclamation mark to make it permanent. Then the ionic lib update command will pick it up and use that option when it’s unable to resolve the conflict.
Now if you run

ionic lib update

It should only give you a warning, that there are conflicting versions for angular-animate, but it won’t stop (because it reinstalled the one you just picked). But that only partially resolved the issue for me. Once this went through, I got an error for the next library (angular-sanitize in my case). And so I had to redo this for about 3 other libraries as well… each time bower install [name of the library], then pick one version and prefix it with ! and rerun ionic lib update.
Does feel quite hackish. Good luck guys! :smile: