Error: Unable to initalize app: undefined

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a new ionic project, while executing the below command,

ionic start myApp

I’m getting the below error message,

Error: Unable to initalize app: undefined

Environment info,
O/S : Windows 7
Node Version : 0.10.31
Ionic Version : CLI v1.2.0

Thanks in advance!,
David R

I got the same error. Were you able to solve it? Let us know .


Hello Ashish,

Two possible reasons I found out,

1). You and me might be behind a corporate firewall which could be preventing us from making certain http requests. While I tried creating a new project in my home PC it works fine!.

  1. You might be using a GIT Client s/w (for e.g, smartgit) instead of the normal one.

Dave R