Error: spawn cmd ENOENT with ionic serve command

i’m getting this error on running ionic serve command ,plz suggest how to get rid of this error.
i’m usnig ionic v1.
thanks in advance.


Post your ionic info output please.
ENOENT means that a file or directory is missing. How did you create your project?

I created my project as,
ionic start myapp blank --type ionic1
then on running the command ionic serve the above mentioned problem is coming.
ionic info

Looks good.

No idea, so I can only advise you to uninstall your node completely, install nvm-windows and then reinstall node via that, then reinstall Ionic and Cordova and try again.

Hi Rituvendra ,

Did you get any solution for this ? because I’m also facing the same issue … it would be great if you post the solution .


Try ionic serve --verbose for more output.