Firebase push notification not open correctly app

Hi!! everyone!!.

I develop an app using Ionic 3 with Firebase( and background-mode (, I using background-mode for receive always the push notification, when app is foreground and I click in tab notification is opened without problemas the page, my problem is when app is background and I click in tab notification only open app without open the specific page.

I put console.log when I receive every notification, in foreground print the information I sended in my backend service, but in background does not print anything.

I using next payload:

"body": "message",
"title": "title",
"body": "message",
"param1": "value1",
"param2": "value2"

Code in Ionic 3:

              this.fcm.onNotification().subscribe( data => {

I sorry for my bad english
Thanks in advance.