Error: Network error randomly on IOS


My app is running fine in production most of the time, but I am collecting all errors using Sentry (and raven-js)

I can see that this error often occurs - but have no error reports from my users, so it could be a bad connection (It can’t be a missing connection, then I would get no logging)


Looking at the errors I can see it is only on IOS I get the error.

The full sentry error looks like this

Any ideas of how I can trace this to the actual error?



I have the same setup and get the exact same error on iOS only. Did you manage to find a solution for this? :confused:


Nope, but I have upgraded everything to latest version, and currently I am not getting the error. Sorry for not being of much help


Thank you for replying! I know this is kinda old, but what exactly did you upgrade? Plugins, platforms, npm packages? Or Ionic itself? If you still have it then may I see what prints out when you type “ionic info” in the command prompt. Even better would be package.json :slight_smile: